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Who We Are?

Bilge Technology was established in 1994 by technology lovers who are curious, open to development and innovation, with lots of technological curiosity and labor with the ideas of the first time.

Foreseeing the needs of globalization and the internet age, the founders presented their technological expansions to personal and corporate audiences seeking modern solutions, to business partners and to all users interested in learning with suggestions, training and solutions that they model and produce from abroad.

Bilge Technology which has been at the center of national feelings and values since its establishment, has become one of the leading technology companies in our country with its international and domestic projects.

Since its establishment, it has lived and will continue to be proud of constantly providing new brains with opportunities and support. 


Why Bilge Technology?

Fast turnaround

You will notice the development in our projects thanks to our result and solution-oriented working approach.

Special solutions

With the projects we have developed specifically for our company, you will get full value for your money. 

Free education

You can use our free documentation and training services to adapt to the technological development we do in our company. 



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