About Us

Who We Are

Our Mission

Our team, which closely follows the innovations in international technology platforms since the day it was founded, develops the latest innovations with our business partners, enables them to inspect, maintain and develop the installation of reliable, trouble-free systems, and share them with its experience and customer-oriented communication with its staff who have proven their expertise in Information Technology consultancy and continues to take part in projects with the goal of maximum benefit.

Our vision

In Information Technologies, with the philosophy of Quality-Service-Trust-Development-Sharing, keeping customer satisfaction and service quality at the highest level, among the strong companies of the country, it makes information technologies easy, safe, economical, quality and applicable with new order technologies and systems that are accessible to everyone.

Our values

Turkey’s development, European Union and globalization, integration of information technology into the world, which plays an important role, offers comprehensive solutions to increase efficiency in business processes, restructure and improve the use of information technology, our company’s experience, reliability, quality consciousness, high responsibility, sustainable development customer is committed to transforming our national ethical values into world values by focusing on communication and demands, and is committed to business ethics.

Our Goals

Bilge Technoloji has made it a goal to implement total quality management in full and in compliance with its rules, seamless integration of modern systems of the informatics world into existing systems, and the functionality of perfect after-sales maintenance / repair / follow-up services without sacrificing quality. Bilge Technoloji started its business life as a product of a young and entrepreneurial understanding in 1994, has adopted the principle of quality service provided by expert personnel since its establishment and adopted the principle of keeping customer satisfaction at the highest level with the service provided. Bilge Technoloji has become the fastest follower of the ever-changing technology and has reached it to its customers and the end user who wants to develop open to information and has adopted the principle of manifesting it with information. Bilge Technoloji has demonstrated its success and reliability in technical service by earning the TSE Service Competency Certificate, thus becoming the first TSE standard computer company in its region. In the short term, it is aimed to obtain international quality standard certificates. The long-term goal of Bilge Technology, which always prioritizes the understanding of Quality-Trust-Service-Sharing, is to be a pioneer in achieving social and economic benefits primarily in the country and then in the international arena by contributing to the widespread use of information technologies in every field.


  • 1995 Afyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Acknowledgment Plaque
  • 1996 Afyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Certificate of Appreciation
  • 1997 1997 Afyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Certificate of Appreciation
  • 1998 Afyon Municipality Certificate of Appreciation
  • 1999 Afyon Municipality Certificate of Appreciation
  • 2000 Afyon Municipality Certificate of Appreciation
  • 2001 Afyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Certificate of Appreciation
  • 2002 Afyon Chamber of Commerce and Industry Certificate of Appreciation
  • 2002 Microsoft Case Study of the Year
  • Boğaziçi University Educational Technology and Application Center Certificate of Achievement
  • KOSGEB Small and Medium Industry Development and Support Administration Presidency Certificate of Achievement
  • Sakarya University Educational Facilities Management Certificate of Achievement
  • T.T.G.V. Technology Development Foundation of Turkey Certificate of Thanks
  • Afyon Mehmet Akif Ersoy High School Distinguished Service and Certificate of Appreciation
  • TEMA Foundation Certificate of Appreciation
  • Pyramid International Fair Honor Certificate