Services - Automatic Water Level Measurement Project

Automatic Water Level Measurement Project

We measure the potential of surface water.


It is designed to be used in instantly determining of Turkey’s potential surface water. 


With the device to be placed in the observation stations existing or to be installed in the rivers and lakes (natural and artificial) in our country, the water level in these places will be measured and collected at the center as well as the instant air temperature, humidity and pressure values at the points where the devices are located will be determined and transferred to the center. Also, thanks to the cameras on the device, general media photos can be transferred to the central servers in color and in high resolution and can be archived. It will make a positive contribution to the prestige of the country with its current, instant and accurate data flow in cooperation with neighboring countries in transboundary waters. 


It will be included in the emergency prevention system in case of possible flood disasters with instant transmission of data to the center, and will take an important role in taking precautions in disasters.