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Marble Selection

Marble selection is faster and more accurate with robotic solutions.


Our system, created to close the technological gap in the selection line, which is an important pillar of the marble sector, provides an increase in production by eliminating the productivity problem of enterprises by using image processing and robotic solutions.


The most important elements of our system’s success in international platforms are using the “image processing and video analysis systems”, and the images taken from the industrial cameras placed on the selection line are processed thanks to our special software, and the classification of the desired features, colors, varieties, sorting and classifying the faulty products.


While marble selection is done visually by the employees in the old production form, it is done automatically with the current system. Thus, product sales are realized more profitably by reducing the margin of error to zero, increasing productivity, speed and production and increasing the quality of the company’s final products. 

The marbles to be placed on the band in the selection line are placed quickly and smoothly thanks to the robotic arms, and the marbles that are divided into groups by the system are placed on the pallets thanks to the robots. 

Where the pallets are left and which pallets are transported, it is not saved by storing the pallets. These data are transmitted to the manufacturer in reports. Thus, the manufacturer does not lose time and cash. 

Our system is considered a single example in Turkey and the world.